Mix it up with different juices or fruit for fun flavour variations. Top it off with grapefruit soda and enjoy. Top it off with your favorite ginger beer to create a dazzling drink. Blue and green cocktails are alluring. As beautiful as it is tasty, this tequila drink recipe uses fresh watermelon. The original lime version is incredibly easy to mix up from scratch. By foodelicious. When served in a cocktail glass, the turquoise drink works just as well for elegant affairs as it does for casual parties. Creating great tasting cocktails at home is easy once you have some recipes. One of the best in this category is the stunning envy cocktail. She infused different liquors with fruit and herbs – but this tequila sounds SO good! Instructions. Garnish the rim with salt and a wedge of lime for a simple crowd-pleaser. The infamous long island iced tea is our go-to party punch. The bloody Mary is one of the most popular mixed drinks of all time. Add some colour to your cocktail menu with a vibrant cranberry margarita, complete with orange sugar rim. Cool off this summer with a super simple frozen margarita. Pink grapefruit and lime juice gives this tequila paloma a zesty kick. Get our free book when you sign up for our newsletter. Spicy cocktails are a natural venue for tequila. Begin by wetting the rim with a lime wedge, then roll it in a small dish of salt. In the habanero martini, the tequini gets a peppery kick that's sure to please palates that can handle the heat. Some flavor pairings are utterly perfect. But these tequila drink recipes that aren’t margaritas show the Mexican spirit in a different, and dare we say, more sophisticated light. Take some ice and slice one orange and two limes to add to the mix. Our tequila pina del oro is laced with pineapple juice and a sage syrup for a refreshing combination of sweet and fruity with light and herby. The bar's signature Mistletoe Margarita is a sweet drink made with Hornitos tequila, Midori, triple sec, lime juice, apple juice, and garnished with maraschino cherries. Everyone is familiar with a classic margarita – this citrussy beauty is a staple on every cocktail menu for a reason, it’s perfectly balanced, boozy and elegant. Tequila has a reputation as a party alcohol: It’s the one you reach for on vacation or for a weekend margarita. The best Tequila drinks and recipes with tequila, right here at Food & Wine. It’s perfect for summer, but also delicious any time you have a perfectly ripe watermelon on hand. Once you get a taste of an authentic margarita, there are many other margaritas to explore. Mix a bottle of dry white wine with 375 ml of tequila in a large jug. With all the martinis in the world, it should not be a surprise that tequila has found its way into the mix. (90ml) Orange Juice1/2 oz. Tequila sunrise Nov 14, 2020 - Best served of course with: WET - Whispering Eye Tequila www.WhisperingEyeTequila.com . You can mix up the original margarita or enjoy it in a variety of flavors, from strawberry to tamarind. Tequila makes an exciting dessert cocktail as well, though this recipe may not be what you expect. While the modern sangrita chases a shot of tequila with a spicy tomato juice mix, the original version is entirely different. The beauty of tequila is that its agave flavor brings an earthy, sweet element to drinks. This refreshing, zingy cocktail can be made in five minutes by blitzing the ingredients in a blender. Add a fiery Mexican kick to simple drinks and impress your guests with inventive combinations. While gin, whiskey, and vodka have long been the stars of this famous formula, a shot of tequila gives it new life. Way better than shots, and just as easy. El diablo is a cocktail that every tequila lover needs to taste. It won't get too hot before it's finished, but it will grab your attention! Signature Drinks Try a proper 1800® Tequila drink. Beer 52 exclusive offer: Get a free case of craft beer worth £24. Whiskey is the drink of choice when you want to listen to Hank Williams and cry; tequila on the other hand, is a jovial spirit for parties and socializing. Young and punchy or aged and smooth, adding a dash of fiery Mexican tequila instantly takes a tipple from dull to ‘delicioso’. These semi-transparent flavors allow a good tequila to shine in all its glory. It’s a drink to be relished at leisure. Image: Supplied. While you may have tried a classic margarita on a night out, tequila is also a great base for more sophisticated drinks. (45ml) Tequila3 oz. The key to this drink is to start with the best blanco tequila you can find. With each recipe, you get an entirely new experience. It's a light, fruity drink with a fizz that is a great alternative to a margarita. Add 250 ml of triple sec, 250 ml of fresh orange juice, and 125 ml of fresh lime juice. It backs up the tequila with a shot of orange, lime, and grenadine that's laced with hot sauce. In this lowball, all you need is a little Kahlua (or your favorite coffee liqueur) for a fun twist on a happy hour staple. Supercall. Tequila's agave flavor adds a new dimension to the mixed drink, and the recipe shows off another fabulous tequila pairing: coffee. Rim the serving glasses with salt, and enjoy the fresh taste! Learn more about Patrón Tequila drink recipes to enjoy your favorite tequila cocktails. Tequila can be intimidating to those unfamiliar with the versatility of this delicious agave spirit. While gin, whiskey, and vodka have long been the stars of this famous formula, a shot of tequila gives it new life. Here are a few easy tequila cocktails to get to know it. Rub the rim of a glass with an orange wedge and roll the rim in the sugar mixture. Pink grapefruit and lime juice gives this tequila paloma a zesty kick. Here are the recipes: 4 EASY TEQUILA DRINKS:TEQUILA SUNRISE1 1/2 oz. Our vampiro takes inspiration from the classic bloody mary cocktail, with a tomato base, a dash of fiery Tabasco and a savoury touch from a measure of Worcestershire sauce. Despite the potent mix of booze, the overall flavour is smooth and not overly strong. There’s a fun, retro feel to it as well with the garnish of a maraschino cherry and cocktail umbrella being compulsory. Leave a comment below…, Subscription offer: save 44% and receive a brand-new cookbook. You'll grill the grapefruit and lime to caramelize the fruit and give the juice a subtle smoky edge. Stir it up with tequila or mescal and top with club soda for a refreshing drink that's perfect all summer long. For this recipe, you'll choose your favorite tequila, add a little lime juice, then top it off with grapefruit soda. The recipe pairs an aged tequila with lime juice and the sweet black currant flavor of crème de cassis. Paloma. The bloody Maria recipe has everything that makes the original great, including savory tomato juice and all the classic spices customized to your taste. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Bartender's Guide to the Most Popular Bar Drinks, 20 Beautiful Blue Cocktails That Will Mesmerize, 9 Easy and Flavorful Margarita Recipes for Everyone, Cranberry Margarita With Apple-Cinnamon Tequila. Learn everything you need to know for trying out the best tequila recipe drinks in no time. It uses agave nectar for the sweetener and switches up the fruits to nectarine slices and Bing cherries. This agave-based booze can be served neat, but works wonderfully in a fruity cocktail, too, and a smart garnish lends a sense of fun for when you’re entertaining. Colleen Graham is a cocktail expert, professional bartender, and cookbook author with over 10 years of experience in the food-writing world. Tequila cocktails are diverse and a lot of fun to explore. It makes a delicious highball for a refreshing tipple when the sun comes out. The margarita is the most widely known tequila cocktail. 3. Explore a variety of drinks made with tequila for any occasion. Tequila makes an appearance in the collins drink family as well. Oh and I absolutely have to tell you about this Strawberry Lime Tequila from My Life Cookbook! It's simple, lovely, and perfect for a romantic dinner, and this recipe makes two drinks. Click here to check out our round up of the best tequilas brands to try. Georgina Kiely – Digital food editor, bbcgoodfood.com. Pick this zesty drink to perk up a festive party. And we love margs, especially with a twist. Garnishing Tips: Keep the salted rim light. What is tequila? .75 oz Libelula Joven Tequila (or silver tequila of choice) 2 whole star anise for garnish. It’s the same with quality tequila. Kick off your tequila adventure with a few essential cocktails that display the spirit's versatility. See more ideas about tequila, mixed drinks, drinks. Just like the cosmopolitan, you'll need cranberry and lime juices along with an orange liqueur like Grand Marnier. Pour yourself a taste of the tropical. Use either tequila, or its close relative mescal, which is made specifically from blue agave cooked on a wood fire. Taste: Fresh lime and a fizzy grapefruit soft drink make this a refreshing, light drink that’s perfect for a warm day. It gets interesting when you pour a small shot of cognac, then give it a sugar rim for a perfectly subtle amount of sweetness. Ombré shades are very in, especially at the bar. Grab a bottle of reposado tequila instead! The smoothness of this cocktail depends on a smooth well rested tequila. Trust us when we say, it just tastes better like this. The passion cocktail is an excellent choice when you're in the mood for the sweet taste of cranberry. One of the tequila drinks keto recipes that she features is a Brave Bull – made from a homemade coffee liqueur and tequila. A guide to classic cocktailsOur ultimate cocktail collectionHow to make frozen cocktails, What’s your favourite way to drink tequila? Raspberry Margaritas This is a great drink for summer get-togethers! Reposado tequila is aged for up to 12 months in oak barrels, so it also imparts some earthy, woody flavours. Capture the taste of relaxed summer holidays spent lounging on the beach with a classic tequila sunrise and bring some sunshine to a Saturday evening. However, with tequila's agave flavor in the background, this brunch cocktail is even more exciting. In the tequila collins, you'll pour lemon juice and agave nectar, then finish it off with club soda. Try serving with your favourite indulgent breakfast spread for a brunch cocktail with a difference. Fill the glass with ice and add the tequila and lime juice. This drink is best made with tequila blanco for its clean, bold flavours that mesh well with fruity overtones. It's like a Mexican version of a Black Russian! Fill shaker with ice. Looking for tequila cocktail recipes? The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Best type of tequila to use: A silver or blanco tequila is best for palomas. These semi-transparent flavors allow a good tequila to shine in all its glory. The condensation from the chilled glass will melt the salt into the drink as you drink it. The paloma may be one of the most underrated tequila cocktails around. By Georgina Kiely – Digital food editor, bbcgoodfood.com, Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. Throw tequila into the mix, and you know it's time to get the party started! The simplicity does not do justice to the taste, and it's one of the best ways to experience the perfect pairing of tequila and grapefruit. It's accented with dry vermouth and garnished with a whole habanero pepper, which slowly infuses its spice into the mix as you drink. Firstly, though, stock your drinks cabinet with one of the best bottles of tequila on the market from our taste-tested selection. It makes a delicious highball for a refreshing tipple when the sun comes out. Chill the glasses ahead of time for a professional touch. recipes Classic cocktails are the drinks that have stood the test of time. https://www.marieclaire.com/food-cocktails/g3992/tequila-cocktail-recipes A grating of orange zest adds some extra fragrance and flavour. It requires just three ingredients, and the fresh citrus flavor is captivating. May 5, 2015 - Feel like a tequila cocktail? The resulting smokiness of mescal balances the bitterness of the Campari, allowing the grapefruit and orange notes to shine through without being overpowering. Fans of the vodka-based black Russian will surely want to get a taste of the brave bull. Add all measured ingredients. Not only does the grenadine create a sunrise in your glass, but it also adds a fruity sweetness to contrast the tart citrus. Margarita, Long Island, Tequila sunrise, ces cocktails sont tous préparés avec de la tequila, ce fameux alcool mexicain. This luscious cocktail has a fiery kick from a glug of ginger beer, a citrus hit from a squeeze of lime and a subtle berry sweetness from a measure of crème de cassis. Sip a cranberry margarita in vivid red with a garnish of salt, sugar and orange zest to bring some added sparkle to your next Christmas party. Try one of our easy tequila drinks to create a lively vibe at your next party. Add tequila, apple cider, Cointreau, and lime juice to a shaker and shake to combine. You might even find you prefer tequila over the vodka version. Give it a dash or two of bitters, and a wonderful cocktail is ready to enjoy. 2. This fancy little cocktail is filled with tropical fruits, shaking tequila with blue curaçao and pineapple juice. Best way to drink tequila Three versions of Leonista’s pure agave spirit. Mixing a blanco tequila and tamarind nectar, adding a hint of sweetness, then the sparkle of ginger ale creates a drink you definitely won't forget. Forget eye-watering shots followed swiftly by salt and lime, these cocktails are to be sipped and savoured. Ingredients: 30mL tequila, 250mL grapefruit flavoured soft drink, a squeeze of fresh lime juice and ice. This drink is best made with tequila blanco for its clean, bold flavours that mesh well with fruity overtones. Shake very well. The recipe is best with the reposado tequila base. Create your own tequila drink mixed from The Cocktail Project's collection of must-have recipes. Switch up the flavours and add blood orange, lemon sorbet or watermelon. Similar to the original, the reposado old-fashioned is a stunning way to show off an exquisite tequila. This bright red tequila tipple isn’t just for Halloween. Of course 1800® Tequila is always great enjoyed straight or on the rocks too. Here's a fired up twist on a traditional Mexican cocktail. Another iconic cocktail in the world of tequila is the beautiful tequila sunrise. With equal parts vodka, gin, tequila, rum and triple sec, this daring drink isn’t for the faint hearted. Drink recipes featuring 1800® Tequila. There are also tall, refreshing mixed drinks, slow-sipping versions of famous whiskey and vodka cocktails, and tantalizing spicy cocktails. Continue to 5 of 15 below. Mix tequila, ginger beer and lime juice and finish with with crème de cassis and pomegranate seeds for a luscious cocktail that really packs a punch 10 mins Easy It's a flavor you won't find in any other distilled spirit, and it's fascinating to discover how that reacts with a variety of mixers. The result is this wonderfully refreshing drink. Add ice to the glass. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchen/tequila-oasis-recipe Finish with a scattering of pomegranate seeds for a decadent drink that’s sure to impress. No matter what tequila you have on hand, we have 16 intriguing, excellent, and unusual tequila cocktails for maximum refreshment. If you’re a sucker for an old-school drink, mix up this negroni designed by London bar El Pastor. Shake tequila and orange juice well with cracked ice, then strain into a large, chilled cocktail glass. Want to try new varieties of the popular agave spirit? See more ideas about drinks, yummy drinks, tequila. Once you’ve learned how to make the best margarita, get to grips with another fun twist that’s perfect for the festive season. In the Juan Collins, you'll pour lemon juice and agave nectar, then finish it off with club soda. The dulce de tequila is a margarita of sorts, combining orange liqueur, lime juice, and agave nectar with reposado tequila. Browse Recipes Our Signatures . Food & Wine goes way beyond mere eating and drinking. Pair that with quality vermouth, and you have a dry cocktail with a shining personality. Make batches in jugfuls at a time so guests can help themselves, and you can top up when needed. With tequila hanging out in the background, it's easy to see why this will forever be a favorite. If you’re looking for an impressive tipple you can whip up at a moment’s notice, look no further. Looking for the best tequila to buy? The tequini replaces gin with tequila, and it's a fascinating way to switch up a routine. Apr 11, 2019 - Explore Breakfast Recipes Best | Ulyss's board "Tequila Mixed Drinks", followed by 274 people on Pinterest. This simple mixed drink includes tequila, orange juice, and grenadine. Optional: a salt rim also goes nicely with a paloma. Have you tried substituting tequila for the vodka? The tequila: You will want to use a good quality reposado tequila. More Tequila Drinks Recipes. Garnish the rim with salt and a wedge of lime for a simple crowd-pleaser. Sip something pretty in pink like our tequila diablo rojo. Tequila is a distilled spirit made from the cooked and fermented juice of blue agave. Tamarind and tequila are one of those, and the harmonious duo is the highlight of this simple highball. Paloma A refreshing tequila cocktail that is a favorite in Mexico. This two-part shot is a taste experience like no other, and there are a couple of ways to make it. Slices are blended with traditional margarita ingredients: tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice. Love an old-fashioned but ran out of bourbon? Learn to mix our favourite tequila cocktails for your next party. They are the blueprints on which all other cocktails are based. Many shots and shooters use tequila, but few can rival the taste of the sangrita.
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