This is a 13 year journey. This scenario is known as hybrid voice. Some of the more well-known competitors in this sector include Twilio, Nexmo, SignalWire and there are several others. The codec choice on this leg is based on Microsoft algorithms, which take into consideration multiple parameters. Before performing the steps in these articles, Microsoft recommends that you confirm that your SBC has already been configured as recommended by your SBC vendor: For a complete list of supported SBCs, see List of Session Border Controllers certified for Direct Routing. Alternatively, Direct Routing supports a wildcard in SAN, and the wildcard needs to conform to standard RFC HTTP Over TLS. But Microsoft’s long track record in the software industry and integration with other powerful tools such as Power Automate and Azure Cloud Computing make this … To connect to the PSTN using direct routing, a session border controller (SBC) is installed in order to transcode media and signaling between Teams … The need for the media processors locally is dictated by the latency which we experience by sending traffic long-distance, for example from Australia to Singapore or Hong Kong. Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing lets you connect a supported, customer-provided Session Border Controller (SBC) to Microsoft Phone System. OCS > Lync > Skype4B > OFF365 > Teams. A certificate for the SBC to be used for all communication with Direct Routing. Also, there are additional media processors to optimize media flow. This is reflected in two additional IP addresses ( and to which following FQDNs will be resolved for Australian customers –, and CsOnlineVoiceRoutingPolicy is assigned to the user. For firewall requirements for Media Bypass, please refer to Plan for media bypass with Direct Routing. We recommend purchasing dSIPRouter Installation Support Direct Routing - Call2Teams provides a per-user Cloud service to deliver Direct Routing capability to Teams users who can move to Microsoft’s Phone System and want to avoid the costly disruption of moving provider and installing and licencing SBC infrastructure. Watch the following session to learn about the benefits of Direct Routing, how to plan for it, and how to deploy it: Direct Routing in Microsoft Teams. Twilio ran an A/B test with multiple major global payment processors monitoring authorization rates across card networks like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB. Following on from Part 1, you should now have an AudioCodes SBC up and running in Azure.This article will cover any Azure specific setup to allow Teams Direct Routing to function. As part of Teams Direct Routing expansion and service improvement we have deployed new instances of Direct Routing infrastructure in Australia. Cloud Connector Edition will retire July 31, 2021 along with Skype for Business Online. The port range of the Media Processors is shown in the following table: Microsoft recommends at least two ports per concurrent call on the SBC. Microsoft Direct Routing and Direct Routing SBC for Microsoft Teams. Because Enterprise Voice is critical for businesses, Microsoft runs intensive tests with the selected SBCs, and works with the SBC vendors to ensure the two systems are compatible. Locations where both SIP proxy and media processor components deployed: Locations where only media processors are deployed (SIP flows via the closest datacenter listed above): Applies to both media bypass case and non-bypass cases. Media processors are placed in the same datacenters as SIP proxies. For example, a company might have as a SIP address space and as the second SIP address space. By Kevin Kieller and Dino Caputo. Direct Routing is a simple and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans, allowing you to make calls to external landlines and mobile phones from Microsoft Teams using Infinitel’s SIP trunks. The connection point for Direct Routing is the following FQDN: – Global FQDN. A public DNS entry mapping the SBC FQDN to the public IP Address. On the leg between the Cloud Media Processor and Microsoft Teams client either SILK or G.722 is used. We are targeting the end of Q2-2018 for general availability of this capability. (IP addresses from to In contrast, Direct Routing allows a direct connection between the supported SBC and the Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft Calling Plan is not available in your country. With Direct Routing, you can connect your SBC to almost any telephony trunk or interconnect with third-party PSTN equipment. The FQDN will be resolved to one of the following IP addresses: You need to open ports for all these IP addresses in your firewall to allow incoming and outgoing traffic to and from the addresses for signaling. Applies to non-media bypass case only. This differs from the Skype Online method of doing this, in that you no longer need any hardware (on-premises Skype for Business Server or a CCE) other than an SBC. Frequently Asked Questions: Microsoft Teams Direct Routing & … Twilio cannot provide direct support for third-party products; you should contact the manufacturer for your IP communications infrastructure for assistance in configuring such products. If you have a set of workers that is meant for outbound work and a different set that work on inbound work then I would keep the standard activities and add attributes to each worker to define their work. Direct Routing is offered in the following environments: Learn more about Office 365 and US Government environments such as GCC, GCC High, and DoD. Some users have address and some users have address This article links to associated articles for details. Direct Routing effectively allows you to connect up existing PSTN connectivity (e.g. Twilio developer evangelist here. As the GCC High environment exists only in the US data centers, there is no secondary and tertiary FQDNs. When dialing out, the Microsoft Audio Conferencing service places the call using online calling capabilities, which requires proper licensing. Microsoft Teams is a great tool for cooperating with your team. The IP address ranges for Media traffic are as follows. Configure interoperability between customer-owned telephony equipment, such as a third-party private branch exchange (PBX), analog devices, and Microsoft Phone System. If the Teams user who escalates the call has a Microsoft Audio Conferencing license assigned, the escalation happens through the Microsoft Audio Conferencing service. The certificate needs to be generated by one of the following root certificate authorities: For Direct Routing in Office 365 GCCH and DoD environments the certificate needs to be generated by one of the following root certificate authorities: *If Mutual TLS (MTLS) support is enabled for the Teams connection on the SBC, then you must install the Baltimore CyberTrust Root Certificate in the SBC Trusted Root Store of the Teams TLS context.
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