Its easy to be sceptical but his dispassionate advice, insight and stewardship have been invaluable to us during this process. Buying agents or purchasing agents are people or companies that offer to buy goods or property on behalf of another party. He listens with a very open mind and then gives his professional opinion. Among his qualities: knowing the market, and what constitutes fair value, in different parts of the country; knowing how to disabuse naive buyers of their (our) more stupid ideas; and patience and responsiveness, even when the flow of (our) idiotic questions became a torrent. Because of the different nature of buying agencies, prospect buyers are often advised to contact more than one company to compare and contrast their benefits. On the way, you have also relieved us of a great deal of anxiety by your constantly optimistic approach during a process which has been in some ways unnecessarily protracted. The decision to work with Henry was definitely the right one and I enthusiastically recommend him. Earlier this year, we were fortunate enough to be introduced to Henry and engaged him almost immediately and what a fantastic experience and happy to say a successful result. He not only makes the process easier and actually enjoyable, but also helps cut through so much of the fluff and fantasy that surrounds the process. The agent will point out the benefits of the property but also, crucially, will make the buyer aware of any faults related to the property, and any problems which may occur with it in the future. We used him again to help us negotiate a deal on the house of our dreams and despite the vendor having other offers he helped us buy it at below asking price and within a matter of days. Now after countless phone calls, emails and WhatsApp’s all around the clock for several months we’re sitting in our dream home and it literally wouldn’t have happened without Henry’s dedication, relentless hard work, invaluable expertise and experience and we couldn’t be more sure with our decision. Alternatively other agents charge a fixed amount of money plus a percentage of the saving of the discount to the original asking price. Property buying agents act on behalf of a buyer in the same way that an estate agent acts for a seller. However, during the searches, issue upon issue was discovered with the house. I engaged with Henry on social media following his post about “accidental landlords” in Feb 2018. As with buying a house, it is generally recommended to go through an estate agent to sell your property. Sourcing the best country houses, equestrian property, farms and small estates. It is very clear to us that without your help we should not have achieved our objective, since the property we purchased was not on the market and we had no access to it. Home James Property Luckily, I took the plunge and reached out to Henry to ask for his advice. Confusingly there are two but this is the one (along with it’s own ‘Buying Agency Code’ that I helped draft) that I have signed up to. During the search Henry was extremely helpful in getting us access to all the properties that met our criteria. He has a fantastic depth of expertise within property and is well connected and talks in a no nonsense way. It took us 2 years in all to find our family home and throughout this period Henry was invaluable counsel in explaining that we need not rush or settle for second best at inflated prices. Edingtons Property Search is a fully independent and privately owned buying agency which focusses exclusively on clients searching for homes and investments in London. He helped us find our next beautiful home despite a tricky market. Buying Agents based in the Cotswolds. I look for properties in London and in the country. Buying Property Learn everything you want about Buying Property with the wikiHow Buying Property Category. Henry’s deep knowledge of the London property market was invaluable as we explored various locations. Who works for the buyer? Alessia Horwich and Julian Knight, "If sellers have agents, why can't buyers?". He oversaw our purchase of a lovely house for a keen price, and kept us on the straight and narrow when our property search threatened to veer wildly off piste at several junctures. On the other side some well known estate agencies also offer buying services despite reservations over conflict of interest. They may look for one specific property, or … Some agents charge a success fee based on the purchase price - this is a fixed percentage. We ... As our Pocket Agent, Henry’s concise, non-waffling approach and wealth of understanding ... Henry is one of a very rare breed - someone who is willing to give his time and share his ... more and more deals are being done ‘off-market’, These are some of the best that I recommend, those available but not advertised on websites or in agents windows. We would miss his sense of humour. From start to finish, Henry has been amazing. We were apprehensive about going down the buying agent route before we appointed Henry but after our first meeting we knew we’d made the right choice. And very importantly he made the whole process such fun. We were very happy with his services and I wouldn’t think twice about working with him again. He has an in depth knowledge of the market, and the agents operating within it. He is blunt, straightforward and very knowledgeable. Within a short number of months after first meeting Henry, I was able to secure a fantastic country home that met or exceeded all my requirements and expectations. More than a half of respondents said they expected the value of their home to rise in 2014, with only 5.9% anticipating a decline. The seller’s un-helpfulness eventually make us quit the process, even though Henry went to great length to sort them all out. Property buying agents: Would you spend £15K just to find a home? However each company has a few areas where it is stronger and only in those locations may it be able to deliver a superior value, especially when it comes to sourcing special opportunities. Henry’s website stood out with its informativeness, wit and personality. As Buying Agents, we only ever act for the buyer, giving you an unfair advantage and putting you ahead of the competition when it comes to securing the right property. While initially buying agents catered exclusively to wealthier demographics, lately, especially in more competitive markets like London or Paris, the entry-level has significantly dropped to properties valued at around £500,000 or €500,000 (see The Daily Telegraph,[4]). Powered by WordPress. My clients are adults who want to make informed decisions, not to be told what to do. I would have never been able to find the right house without his kind guidance. We talked to a few different agents (all of which were referenced on this website!) I review those that we find, provide objective advice on each and discretion for people who would rather not have their private business paraded in public. 34 likes. Our buyers' agents can help you drastically reduce stress, save you time and reduce costs involved in buying property or with your next property investment purchase. then here are 50+ other buying agents in London & across the country that you might consider before you make up your mind. The market was especially choppy and he helped us steal a great deal due to his patience, perseverance and insights into the UK housing market. His knowledge of the housing market is second to none. He got a price we would have shied away from. I didn’t really know what a buying agent did but given our circumstances, and Britain’s, I had a hunch it could be helpful. He always gave constructive feedback on the properties we viewed. In some European countries, like the UK, buying agents do not need to pass any specific exam or get any certification to start practicing their profession while in other countries, like Italy, France or Spain they have to conform to the same qualification and legal requirements as selling agents do, even though the two roles differ substantially. (Tip - for goodness sake don't read the comments!). Among his accomplishments: preventing us from overpaying by between 15% and 20%; ensuring a successful conclusion to some complex and ‘robust’ negotiations which would have seen us eaten alive or throwing in the towel had we attempted them by ourselves; and introducing us to an excellent lawyer and surveyor. We came to Henry to help us buy a family home and navigate the waters of UK housing market. My job is to make sure your biggest purchase isn’t your most expensive. The success fee is a percentage of the sale price. And he never complained about regular changes to requirements and budget, or gave the sense that he thought I’d taken enough of his time. Henry really does all the things he lists with bullet points above, and I can’t imagine there are many buyers who wouldn’t benefit from at least a few of them. Buying Guide Property Agent Selling Guide Tips & Advice In 2010, only 11% of HDB owners sold their flats without the help of a property agent. It’s now September 2019 and we have finally completed on a house. According to Rightmove sellers typically accepted around 5% (£11,000) less than their final asking price. Christopher Middleton reports. Henry has been with us all the way. At one end of the spectrum lie the super introduced local property experts who can be an invaluable resource for a buyer who is set on off-market or pre-market properties as well as private deals. An indent is an order for goods under specified conditions of sale. Highly recommended you can’t go wrong in choosing Henry. But his advice, optimism and support was critical in helping us through what was quite a stressful process. Prospect property buyers should know that there are two different arrangements mainly depending on market conditions: All these conditions are well specified in the contract agreement that the client signs upfront. He identified interesting properties to view, arranged a viewing schedule for me and then helped to negotiate and then close the deal as well as chasing up solicitor’s right up until completion. I called some agents and they were polite and explained their terms of business. Not only did Henry lighten the work load and anxiety of buying a home, he made it a fun and rewarding experience and unlocked possibilities we simply would not have imagined in our own. We got a great deal with his help, and so we were very happy with his services! Finally, though our budget was certainly at the low end of what Henry typically deals with, at no point did we feel like we didn’t have his full attention. The company was originally formed to represent 3 private clients who valued anonymity, best advice and outstanding service. Would highly recommend! He plays the roles of advisor, scheduler, negotiator, counselor (and occasionally comic) seamlessly and with such ease. Bradbourne are independently owned property buying agents, specialising in acquiring residential property for private clients across London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and other desirable locations. At the other end of the spectrum there are agencies that act more like relocation companies, well organized, operate in various languages, help their clients with all required paperwork, are well connected to various professionals and other companies in order to provide a full-blown service; these companies may be less capable of scouting off-market transactions or deal directly with private property owners. (Not all selling agents are slippery but some certainly are!). You get the real deal with Henry. His advice was brilliant, and whilst not always what we wanted to hear allowed us to assess the situation with our eyes wide open. In order to ensure the most efficient property viewing experience, most agents offer a chauffeur and sometimes even helicopter viewings to their high-end clients. News and views for the 'haves' in the housing market. Henry came highly recommended and as we dipped our toe into the terrifying world of moving out of London and juggling buy-to-lets we gave him a call. The Buying Agents was founded by Henry Sherwood in 2008 as property buying agency. Property Buying Agent specialists Cotswold Buying Agent cover The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire to help you find your ideal residential property finder and negotiate the best possible terms. He was there to make sure things were in order and moving at a good pace once the offer was accepted. We will put a break on our search and reach out to Henry when we have gotten our strength back. He was always available on call or email, and would get back promptly on any queries or questions we had. We arrived in London in 2019 from New Zealand in late middle-age for my husband to take up an academic post. We specialise in finding houses, estates, farms and building plots for private buyers in London, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. Now, we will just sit tight for a year or so, in a rental, to recover, and when we have the energy back, hopefully we can deal with a seller that actually wants our business. One of the UK's original property buying agents. I recommend Henry’s buying service without reservation. He listened, he guided, gave great advice all the way and kept us focused. Required fields are marked *. Confusingly there are two but this is the one (along with it’s own ‘Buying Agency Code’ that I helped draft) that I have signed up to. Latest industry news from my favourite trade journalist. He drew on his long experience to highlight advantages and drawbacks of every property which we hadn’t picked up on. He is very open in providing his feedback, and it helps incredibly while you are reviewing available options. It doesn’t matter if you’re a property investor or homebuyer, it pays to be aware of who qualifies as a buyer’s agent expert when buying properties. This solid foundation soon saw it grow organically from repeat business and referrals. Over the past decade, on average my clients paid £143,000 (11%) less! TPO agents who are members are required to follow the Code of Practice for Residential Buying Agents. And it was refreshing to deal with someone who had no conflict of interest. Click on the image to see a list of those I have worked with in the past, seen operating first hand and who I heartily recommend. If the buying agent or one of his staff, has any personal or business interest in the property, the buyer or seller, must be told as soon as possible in writing. Very knowledgeable (as you would expect) but also engaging. His expertise has proven itself to be invaluable and we’re confident we wouldn’t have ended up with the home we have without his help. We are a totally independent company that advises private & corporate clients looking to buy or rent. Henry handled everything from finding suitable properties, talking to agents, recommending great solicitors, surveyors, builders and more. Watch out for the terrible dad jokes though! Buying agents might have access to off-market properties through their network of contacts, although this depends on the market conditions and on how well connected the agent is locally. Real estate agents work for the seller. We had outgrown our large Victorian house and were very confused as what our next step should be. You will need Henry to avoid complete and utter insanity that is all I can say. He is worth his weight in gold and more than made up for his fees. Click here to see our data retention policy. Buying a property overseas is a time-consuming, energy-sapping experience. Henry was recommended to me and I recently used his Bespoke service to purchase investment property. I don’t know how anyone can buy a house without him. Comment on yield and the potential for capital growth. Currently we have no energy left and still no house. There are many reasons why using a property buying agent might be right for you. But he can also provide enthusiasm when you can’t supply much of your own; I needed that at the beginning, when my only requirement was to be in London, and didn’t know how to narrow my focus without missing things that would suit me. We thought it might have been a mistake to have enlisted Henry when we found a property so quickly. THE BUYING AGENTS. My girlfriend and I were searching the property market for months and were outbid several times on properties we liked during the post-lockdown boom in house-hunting. Some clients just want help looking for a new home, some want help to evaluate a property and to negotiate the best deal. He made introductions to a wonderful solicitor and surveyor and oversaw the entire negotiation and exchange process, saving us considerably more than his fee, and ensuring it went smoothly. We ended up enlisting him as our buying agent after a couple of calls together. We have been helping private clients, family trusts and companies acquire properties since 2002. We knew no one and we didn’t know London. Nothing was ever a problem. Daily Industry news from Graham Norwood, the original property hack. Buying agents are still estate agents in the. One of the most important reasons for employing an estate agent is the fact that they liaise with the selling estate agents and give you advice. After 37 years in the business I have bought and sold over 1000 properties. This is 'the' weekly consumer supplement from The Times (£), The news & gossip from the top rungs of the housing ladder. I work in a very busy environment and therefore it was really important to me that I had someone who I could trust and who was on my side. No question of ours, no matter how inane, garbled or confused was met with anything apart from graciousness and a reply marked with unerring clarity and wisdom. Henry provided invaluable help to us during our search and through to completion. They can help you get the best price and ensure that the contract is fair for you. Got a conscience? (Having a buying agent is a big help – sellers know immediately that you’ve got money for the right deal and are not playing games or kicking tires.). These services can be particularly useful to international clients who tend to fly in to view properties. In case the buying agent sources a private deal then they charge up to the selling agent commission (for instance the full 5% in the. I am a big fan of Henry's activity on social media so I was very happy when he offered to ... Henry is probably one of the very few people who will not only take the time and patience ... My girlfriend and I were searching the property market for months and were outbid several ... We were apprehensive about going down the buying agent route before we appointed Henry but... Henry provided me with some superbly succinct advice on the whole process of managing and ... Henry gave us some very clear and insightful advice at a confusing and stressful time. The future HPSI, which measures what households think will happen to the value of their property over the next year, jumped to a new high of 74.9 this month, up from the previous record 72.3 in January. Henry – I look forward to working with you again soon! Some useful contacts who can help advise on Stamp Duty Land Tax or the 'purchase' tax in the UK. but ended up with Henry for a couple reasons: – Style really resonated with us We have been very pleased with his services – an end to end approach with an ‘always on call’ mentality (within reason). Henry and I spoke following that and his sound advice and guidance gave us the confidence to market our property and successfully sell in less than a month. And on the crucial point of money. All the latest news on the social housing sector. Would recommend without hesitation – many thanks Henry. He provided honest and pragmatic views, good advice and acted as a very useful buffer between us and the seller’s agent. Buying agents fees depend on the specific property market and often vary within a certain country. In addition agents are typically able to connect the client with all necessary technical trades people who are required at different stages of the buying process such as lawyers, surveyors and other professionals. They have all proved to be reliable and helpful. I am a buying agent.I look for homes (and other assets) and seek to acquire them on behalf of my clients. It is a team effort and I am very happy to recommend individuals who can help you & make it happen. Thanks Henry! A mortgage broker and a top financial planner can make or break a deal and whilst there seem to be more than half that are ‘below average’ there are surprisingly few that I have had first hand experience of and can heartily recommend. Buying agents generally require exclusivity meaning that the client cannot continue to search on its own or via estate agents for the duration of the contract, which generally lasts from 3 to 6 months. It therefore makes sense to seek some independent, professional advice. Britain was beginning the process of leaving the EU, facing an election and about to be engulfed in a world-wide pandemic and a lockdown. Henry assisted me every step of the way. Henry provided much needed guidance, advice and inspiration to our house search. As sellers wake up to the impact of Google ‘indexing’ their property for ever more and more deals are being done ‘off-market’. We exchanged last Wednesday. In my case, Henry was also able to offer local knowledge and contacts to help me get the property up and running after purchase. If Henry would not have been acting on our behalf during the process it would have been a complete ride of pure insanity. I have relationships with the best local estate agents, having built up a highly regarded reputation over the last 15 years. Most buying agents have significant transactional experience; however, like estate agents, only few of these professionals have a surveying qualification so they may not be the best advisors when it comes to valuing the property and predicting future market trends. Before buying a property, you should take as … That’s the message circulating at the top end of the prime property market on the run-up to one of the longest, and strangest, pre-election campaigns in history, the outcome of which … [2] An indent is an order for goods under specified conditions of sale.[3]. Our house is perfect for us. Once the desired property was identified, Henry handled the negotiation process extremely well. He was very patient and helped us through the entire process of selecting an area, identifying the right house and negotiating the best price. He drove the purchase through smoothly, dealing with solicitors, surveyors and other inspectors. Definitely recommend! For the record you are everything I expected,highly professional, kind and considerate. As per the above paragraph their skill sets vary slightly but the business is very similar. 25% of £1m+ homes sold in London in the first half of 2017 were sold ‘off-market’ & up to 40% of the homes I buy aren’t advertised on the internet or in an estate agents window. We would be delighted to hear from you to discuss your own property requirements. We had been looking for a property for a while and being mostly based oversees it was proving a challenge. Not only did he find and secure a house that we simply wouldn’t have even known about without his involvement, but he was also a reassuringly constant and calm voice for both of us during the entire process. ♦︎ ©2020 ♦︎ HMRC Anti-Money Laundering Reg Nº 12738516 ♦︎ Information commissioner's ref nº Z9572267 ♦︎ TPO Membership nº D03742 ♦︎ PI via Locktons policy nº PI18Q617818A ♦︎ lonres ResCheck approved ✓, The essential site for residential agents. From a geographical standpoint buying agents’ coverage ranges from a rather limited focus on few specific city districts or sub regional areas (a few towns and their surroundings) to nationwide 'chain' services. A full service that sees them search out properties that meet their client’s criteria and negotiate the purchase of the property chosen, whether by private sale or auction. Of course many people start off asking too much for their home and a third of sellers currently on the market have reduced their guide price at least once according to the website This happens because the selling agent typically prefers splitting his commission with the buying agent rather than waiting longer to find another buyer and sell the same property. I’ve worked with Henry on a number of different projects in the real estate arena. I would thoroughly recommend Henry’s services. This page was last edited on 29 May 2020, at 22:34. LEARN MORE ABOUT EMMA SIDDONS. Buying agents or purchasing agents are people or companies that offer to buy goods or property on behalf of another party. The overall fee structure is made of a small registration fee which is refundable (provided that the buyer completes the purchase within a certain time defined in the contract) and is charged upfront, and a success fee which is a percentage of the purchase price of the property and is paid at the exchange of contracts or when a preliminary contract is signed. Really though, his help was just beginning, He guided us through the whole process, recommended lawyers, surveyors and specialists and was always on call to help us at any hour. Thank you so much for your help! Henry was extremely patient with me and over a few months, spent hours on the phone sharing his knowledge and expertise, whilst providing guidance and relevant information which enabled me to proceed, without pushing any specific agenda on me. As is often the case, it can be better to hire a professional who is more capable to listen and understand our needs even though his or her company does not entirely tick all the other boxes. Add a mix dirty money, enormous hikes in stamp duty taxes, and, during recent years, a macro environment with Brexit on the horizon. Once we had the house decided, he helped us negotiate a great deal, all the while explaining his process. Once we engaged Henry he was with us every step of the way, even helping us pick neighbourhoods to target. Our property buying agent proved to be an impressive negotiator with difficult agents and solicitors, and pulled us through the inevitable wobbles in the house-buying process with his calm but clear advice . As far as the law is concerned, I am an estate agent – I just happen to act for buyers, not sellers and I buy properties between £500,000 and £50m.Some clients just want help looking for a new home, some want help to evaluate a property and to negotiate the best deal. Property Buying Agent. I think you’d be nuts not to use a buying agent – at the very least, it cuts the risk of serious error – and Henry is both very good at his job, and a pleasure to have on/at your side. He is extremely communicative, generous with his time and advice and has been a sage and steady point of reference. As far as the law is concerned, I am an estate agent – I just happen to act for buyers, not sellers and I buy properties between £500,000 and £50m. Henry also has a great network of surveyors and solicitors – I had multiple coworkers comment on how quickly we went from offer stage to prepared to exchange. We have recommended him to a number of our friends and contacts. As time poor as I am, and with my main home remote from the area in which I was interested, without Henry’s involvement, this process could have taken years or, indeed, may never have happened. In addition to this, he has advised on the best areas in London suitable to my needs – it worked really well as I was about to proceed with slightly different areas that did not satisfy all the parameters.
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