When I took a closer look at consistency, or what the industry generally likes to refer to as forgiveness, I found that across the board, for every metric that matters…ball speed, carry, accuracy; the numbers were much tighter, and much more consistent with the Krank. STUPID, STUPID Policy and tells you should be really SURE you want that club; because you are going to keep it regardless if you can use it or not. By S. Dee Davis We tested many of the drivers that are out there in the market today and came up with our top 10 list. Testing and consideration were given based on distance and accuracy with the same neutral swing speed (110) in a controlled distance environment (testing facility). I still have my favorites, but on the days I hit the Rage Black I hit a handful (minus the thumb) of other drivers, and Rage was definitely near the top (I’d rank it a solid #2), and infinitely better than the clubs that trailed the pack. I purchased a krank driver and 3 wood. My predictive opinion on the Krank Rage was “dull and clunky”. The drivers we tested were the Callaway XR, TaylorMade Aeroburner, Krank 6, and Ping G30 LS TEC. On the other hand, there are some offers that exclude the shaft and offer only the clubhead. Ive hit the Krank Rage. Yes we do get that a lot and working on getting into Golf Smith. Brett, not supposedly but still no shafts here. Shipping Costs. Brandwashing. Bill Spence England. Reviews from Krank Golf employees about Krank Golf culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. When I did call them they were great to deal with and very helpful. Cudoos to the GolfSpy folks for including these clubs as well. Wish the price of the clubhead alone would have been listed. Perhaps the most unique feature of the Rage (and upcoming Element) is the lack of distinction on the face. Just point and shoot… Would love to test with different lofts and shafts to custom fit. Sep 19 2018. Sign up here for our newsletter and you'll never slice a drive again. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. While we (im)patiently await the arrival of the forthcoming (like literally any damn day now) Element Driver from long drive powerhouse Krank Golf, I decided to take a look at (and try and put a little hurt on some golf balls) with the company’s Rage Black Driver (which, strangely enough, is available in white…go figure). More information can be found on the Callaway website. Krank Golf FORMULA 7 & 7X DRIVERS create the HIGHEST SMASH FACTORS and hit the ball further off the tee box than any other driver, period! Virtually all have a playability guarantee or return policies that allow you to actually hit / play with their club. We are here to help and understand that you had a bad experience purchasing a Krank Golf club from eBay. The M3 driver comes in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees, priced at $429 and available at retail beginning Feb. 16. I am extremely pleased with it! TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, or PING…they all have straws, and they drink the milkshake. New variable weight technology provides up to 30 more yards for senior men and women with slow swing speeds. LS17 9BF. Want to try to swing Krank Formula 5 once, but could not find it anywhere in Indonesia. The Krank Rage driver is the longest driver I … Nice write up on the Krank Driver. Get a deal on that driver you’re looking for -- or on any new or used clubs. My driver is a 8*, Tour Issue, TaylorMade R11S, with an UST-Mamiya ProForce VTS Black 7SX. The ST190 drivers offer Mizuno’s lowest spin rates and incorporate every known factor in the quest to enhance ball speed and driving distance. Unlike many of the component brands we see, from a purely aesthetic perspective, the Krank Rage mostly holds its own. You can take a great club out of my hands and put it in your hands and it is a totally different club. I have had issues with both of them at first, but the team at krank allowed me to return the clubs multiple times to make them right. Thanks to all at Krank. If it was, I missed it. Shipping to Canada $19.00 flat rate. I have tried em all and that shaft always seems to work for everybody. Norm where do you live. I definitely knew when I missed I missed, but I didn’t get dinged (or clunked) for it. I’ve been very interested in Krank and Geek heads… I just wish I could demo them ahead of time. I probably should go back and make sure I’ve the best shaft for my swing yet, if it ain’t broke…pretty sure the tour shaft is not my best fit, but I do enjoy the lower ball flight overall. First, let me say that I have heard good things about Krank golf equipment an Length and accuracy is more than what the manufacturer makes into the clubhead, it is matching that to a shaft that fits the players swing. All they ever say is 2 more weeks. Those brands…Krank, Geek, SMT;  they’ve dominated the sport for years (Krank drivers have won the RE/MAX Long Drive Championship 3 years running), and yet most golfers still would never consider bagging one of their drivers. So let’s put it out there right now. It’s very hard to find companies like Krank in the world today. No track monitor or such, just my eyeballs. Krank Golf does not replace for free clubs that broke due to miss hits as the cause of breakageI have explained to customer on the torque issues and why each miss hit on the face and head in his case, cause the torque to go past its ratingAfter each strike not made center hit, it cause the Which includes: New micro milling of the face to maximize spring effect on every driver’s head. For hard hitting golfers who really need help. The taller than average crown makes for a driver that appears more compact than it’s 460CCs suggest it should, which gives the driver a slightly rounded appearance, and if not for the visibly raised middle section of the crown, we might be throwing around the word traditional to describe the general appearance…you know…except for that red paint thing. You can get the driver in a range of lofts as previously posted by another user. I’m ready to try a Krank, Bang, Geek or SMT, but It’ll take some time to get used to clubs who’s real loft is what’s stamped on the side. BombTech Golf offers free shipping in USA. They should tell their customers what is going on, rather than just waiting for the complaints to come in. It’s funny when a reviewer will not give the name of the gamer he is now playing or any of the specs he is using. Competed in my first LDA qualifier ever and won. I threw it in the bag for a scramble and won the long drive with it. I have sent you a couple of emails and my postal address since your last post without reply. This is a large amount of money to spend on one club. Official Press Release: The #1 website and community for golfers to improve their driving distance by increasing their swing speed, SwingManGolf.com endorses Krank Golf’s drivers as their official driver. Both Krank and SMT have excelled in this regard for several years(it is also what led to the “Exotics” line within Tour Edge). J2putts 8 Posted August 20, 2018. Have you sent out my weight kit yet? And the sldr is not an expensive driver. This is the most comprehensive test you will find of all the latest and greatest drivers on the market for 2018. I was delighted when Krank announced an adjustable driver , the Element. Swing Man Golf to Endorse Krank Golf Drivers . I live here in Chandler, Az. No cast drivers here. We are here to help and understand that you had a bad experience purchasing a Krank Golf club from eBay. Several manufacturers offer graphite shaft selection, including customization of the length and flex. Any driver that appears on these lists is conforming, and, therefore, "legal" to use under the Rules of Golfer. It is super cool, and I got second in the pros comp by one stable-ford point. We have perfected everything from the combination of our super hardened beta titanium metals, our tri-sleeve adapter to the balance of your driver head for the most accurate hitting of any driver in the world. I would never buy any expensive item (bike, car, motorcycle, etc) without trying it first. Vince, It’s rare (though not unheard of) that a reader will suggest a big OEM club looks like it belongs on the shelf at Wal-Mart. If you swing it well and get the right shaft, the difference in performance between an R11, G15, R11s, RBZ, Speedline, Krank, whatever is going to be negligible to average golfers. The finished t… In the email, they put a list all the all guys who have won using this driver. I started looking for a new driver. The MSRP is $499. Problem w a club like this one is that most people can’t go out to a typical golf galaxy and test it along side other clubs being considered. May have been Hackers Paradise? Bill my element arrived in March as well and i dont have the weight kit yet. if only there was a way for them to get into big retail stores, they would out sell the big oems, no question!!! So I can see which emails we did not get back to you on. I agree with those who want to test the product before buying it. I don’t know if Vince is still checking this website or not but am curious to see if there is anyone in Los Angeles that sells Krank so I could try out a lefty club or 2. I have been wanting to try Krank drivers for a while and I am versatile to as where we can meet. That’s unless otherwise you come up with something extraordinary technology to enhance accuracy and distance produced. I have had the Element for a little over a month. Any time there’s a little something extra on the crown, a few people are going to get agitated. Home . Maximum metal hardening for the fastest spring back in any driver ever made, including previous Krank Golf drivers.
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