The reason it is important to study and accurately interpret the Bible is so that we can know God better, know what He expects from us, and know how we can live in a way that pleases Him. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Personal vested interests and self-preservation have a strange way of influencing, often unconsciously, how we read and interpret the Bible. One umpire calls them the way he sees them. All of these beliefs influence the way you interpret the Bible, and you ought to state them up-front as part of your preunderstanding. 09/30/2014 09:17 am ET Updated Nov 30, 2014 For Evangelicals--and I'm among them--Jesus and the Bible are high on the priority list. Click here … This is another reason for close examination of Scripture and good exegetical study. For seemingly contradictory passages try to understand how they can work together to obtain a fuller meaning. I believed there were some things I would never understand until I went to Heaven. The Bible is a book written in many ways like any other, and can therefore be understood by anyone who is able to read. But if our common sense is controlled by GOD, it is a valid principle of interpreting the Bible. In Topic 3 (Interpreting the Text), you were introduced to the main types of textual criticism that have been applied to the Bible. And a … And a third kind interprets it the way it is. Lesson plan. I Believe It. When the literal does not make sense you probably have a figure of speech. A basic Bible study library can facilitate such study. 7. There are four steps to mastering the Bible so well that the Bible masters you: 1. How do Christians interpret the Bible? If you want to be able to look those quotes up, you'll need to understand the way the Bible is organized. The Bible is “breathed out by God” (2 Tim. 3 Common Ways to Read Scripture . 3 Questions to Correctly Interpret a Bible Text (Part 1) Facebook Tweet Pin So, I wasn’t quite sure how to pick up this series after disappearing for ten days (thanks random cold and post-conference blues), but we’re just going to jump in and finish strong. God’s Word is a Knowable Word. This lesson looks at the issue of interpretation, and explores the different ways Christians can view the words found in this special book. Take it one book or chapter at a time so you can do a thorough reading. It’s that way of reading the Bible that’s maybe best summed up in the bumper sticker, God Said It. God does not tell us that we must simply read the Bible.We must study it and handle it correctly (2 Timothy 2:15). Yet the Bible is also unique, different from every other book, because it is inspired by God. I have met Bible readers from all three camps. 6. All 3 of … An ecclesial manner of reading the Bible is in this Way both liturgical and patristic. May 17, 2016 - The 3 most dangerous ways to interpret the Bible - The Focus Press Blog Title: Microsoft Word - Some Helpful Ways to Read the Bible-3.docx Author: Bill Huff Created Date: 9/18/2012 3:32:04 PM 4. The Bible was Written in a Foreign Language, a Foreign Culture, in a Time Long Ago. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Three Ways to Interpret Bible Verses: Fundamentalist, Non-Fundamentalist Believer, Humanist. That Settles It. For others of a more academic bent, though, a studious approach may come more naturally. ... For some, it’s easy to approach the Bible with a more “devotional” posture. H ow do you interpret the Bible? Do you interpret the Bible literally? Study the Bible 3. Take the plain meaning of the text at face value. Another reason for the need to interpret exists because the way in which the Bible was created. The bible, in fact, that most of us read is already an interpretation from the language that it originally was penned in. Principles for correctly interpreting the Bible. Presents and explains three competing philosophies, that is, views: Fundamentalist, Non-Fundamentalist Belief, and Humanist for over fifty famous and controversial places from both the Old and New Testaments. For example, Isaiah 55:12 states the … Some people interpret the Bible the way they see it. To illustrate what it means to interpret Scripture in a liturgical way, consider the Old Testament lessons at Vespers for the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25) and at Vespers on … Three Ways to Interpret Bible Verses Fundamentalist, Non-Fundamentalist Believer, Humanist by William Hagan View Back Cover. Concordances list the particular places where a word is found in the Bible. Another sees them the way he calls them. The ways we interpret the Bible, and what enters into our process of applying the Bible, are important for us to be aware of. Three Ways to Interpret Bible Verses: Fundamentalist, Non-Fundamentalist Believer, Humanist - Kindle edition by Hagan, William. Interpretation is the second of three steps in the Bible study process. First, I encourage you to start, even on a modified and very small level. Meditate on the Bible. You may create a schedule where you work your way through one book over the course of several months or a year. Without this self-awareness, we can have blind spots in our Bible reading and not even know it. People quote the Bible in a variety of contexts. In the last lesson you learned that to properly interpret the Bible you need to read contextually so that the word makes sense within the sentence, the sentence within the paragraph, and so on. The answer is “Yes!” How Do You Interpret the Bible? There are 3 ways that we can interpret Scripture – 1) Anthropocentric – View and interpreting everything in terms of human experience 2) Theocentric – View and interpreting the Scripture with God as the focal point – what it teaches us about God How to Look up a Bible Verse. Let more clear passages on the same subject be used to help interpret more difficult passages. The Bible is full of poetic writings, psalms (songs), wisdom literature, history, family lineage, prophecy, parables, analogies, symbols, and beatitudes. Answer: Knowing how to study the Bible is important, because determining the meaning of Scripture is one of the most important tasks a believer has in this life. The next chapter will examine the statement from Dr. Dembski, quoted at the beginning of this chapter, to see if he followed these major principles of interpretation. Question: "What is the proper way to study the Bible?" The third thing I would say is that when it comes to the Bible, we are dealing with a book that was written in another language, in another culture, and in a time long ago. This topic takes this further, introducing some specific interpretations of the Bible, the main approaches to Bible criticism since the 18th century and the great debate between Rudolf Bultmann and Karl Barth that shaped Biblical criticism in the 20th century. We’ve seen why we should interpret the Bible… ! 5. 3. Understanding the Bible can be confusing at times. Bear in mind the theme of the book. “There are hundreds of ways of interpreting the Bible--what makes you think that yours is correct?” While it is true that Christians disagree over a number of issues (e.g., the meaning of Genesis 1-2, the fulfillment of prophecy, the justifiability of war), there is far more agreement over the cardinal doctrines of Christianity than most people think. It is possible to misunderstand the Bible, but with careful interpretation it’s also possible to rightly understand it. 3! Do you interpret it figuratively? Because God chose to speak to us in this way every book of the Bible has historical particularity. ... 6 Ways (Minus 3) to Know God Is Really in Your Life. There are two pieces of confusion that I want to address here, about what it means to interpret the Bible “metaphorically.” Both involve the creation narratives of Genesis 1-3. You should do this with all the doctrines of the Bible. You can also try reading the Bible based on a theme for several years to deepen your spiritual practice. But that isn’t enough: you also need to use hermeneutics as you interpret what you are reading to ensure that whatever message you get is the same message throughout the rest of the Bible. I have shown here that the only way we as Christians should interpret the Bible is using the literal method if we want to bring ourselves under the authority of God’s Word instead of placing ourselves in authority over God’s Word. Using the common sense principle in this way can be dangerous because it could become an excuse for cutting out any portion of Scripture we do not happen to like. This!view!(sometimes!called!“reception!theory,”!“readerVresponse!criticism,”)!if!differentreaders! 3. Take into account the immediate context of the scripture. Hermeneuein is the Greek verb that means “to express,” “to explain,” “to translate,” “to interpret” J. C. Dannhaur used the term first in the 1600’s when he used it in reference to Bible interpretation. We interpret the Bible properly when we learn to ask the right questions of the text. ... 3 Ways The Bible Interprets Itself Sara Conner. Another reason for the need to interpret exists because the way in which the Bible was created. Having considered the intended meaning of a particular text, we need to compare that text with other biblical texts that address related subjects. Someone once compared the way people read the Bible with three kinds of home plate umpires. 3 Ways Jesus Read the Bible That Evangelicals Are Told Not to Do. How to Interpret the Bible Remember that context rules. If you have a certain belief, you ought to express it so that you are aware of what you believe and why. Start by reading the Bible five minutes a day. The Bible can be overwhelming to read all at once. Principle 3: Interpret the Bible literally (or normally) allowing for normal use of figurative language. Read the Bible 2. Overview . If you lay the solid foundation of observation, you will be prepared to consider each verse in the light of the surrounding verses, the book in which it is found, and the entire Word of God. Another Bible reader reads it the way they call it. It is the word of God given to people throughout history. This is the last in a series of five lesson plans exploring the Bible. So how do you interpret the Bible for all its worth? (3) We also need to read within the broader biblical context. Memorize the Bible 4. 3:16).
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